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Delivering face to face fieldwork

Pre-recruited central location testing
Off the street testing / In-home testing
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Central location testing at venues throughout the UK

Consumer food testing

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Consumer beverage testing

Off the street or pre-recruited testing - whichever suits the brief

In-home testing of the very latest products

Beauty & personal care








Face to face fieldwork the PeoplePeople way

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with an extensive network of field-based supervisors and interviewers to plan, manage and deliver face to face fieldwork projects for UK and global clients.

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Results-driven quantitative research

Research agencies and leading manufacturers alike choose PeoplePeople UK to conduct all aspects of face to face fieldwork, including high-preparation food testing, pre-recruited and off the street central location testing, store exits and in-home testing.

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Getting in depth with qualitative research

Seeking out and recruiting only the finest participants for fieldwork is what sets PeoplePeople UK apart. Our wide network allows us to recruit and run depth interviews, focus groups and accompanied shops wherever they are needed, right across the UK.

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Bespoke data, just as you like it

We get into the detail of data from day one, identifying what you need, how you need it and when you need it by. CAPI or CAWI interviewing, traditional pen and paper surveys or specialist software packages – if you want it, we deliver it.

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Food & beverage testing at its very best

Whether we are running food testing sessions at The People Place – our own research suites with high-preparation kitchens – or we have hired carefully selected facilities, we work to strict food hygiene criteria and protocols.

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The People Place, it’s where it all happens

We run quantitative and qualitative research at our strategically located ‘The People Place’ facilities in London, Birmingham and Leamington Spa. View the Birmingham facility here, and the Leamington Spa facility here.

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The PeoplePeople way

Face to face fieldwork the PeoplePeople way

Delivering exceptional service is something that PeoplePeople UK have been doing since 1989 – in fact, in 2014 we celebrated our 25th year in research. We work with clients from around the world, across diverse sectors, and have a knowledgeable, experienced project team and regional supervisors who liaise with a pool of over 800 field-based interviewers. As one big team, we work tirelessly to ensure our quantitative and qualitative research projects are meticulously planned and efficiently executed.
We manage fieldwork in numerous sectors, but do have particular expertise in:

  • Food & Beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Packaging
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Financial

As a PeoplePeople UK client, you can be assured of a dedicated research team with the skills and experience to deliver the highest quality research resulting in valuable, insightful data. We operate to ISO 20252 and as an MRS Company Partner, we adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct.

Results-driven quantitative research

Results-driven quantitative research

Recruiting far and wide across the UK to achieve our clients’ complex face-to-face research quotas is second nature to us. Our experienced project team, dedicated supervisors and over 800 field-based interviewers focus on recruiting only the best participants and sourcing the most suitable locations to facilitate high-quality and results-driven fieldwork.

And with our strategically located ‘The People Place’ research facilities in London, Birmingham and Leamington Spa, we have access to high footfall with an ever-changing demographic and can comfortably accommodate high-volume central location tests. Our research facilities are all CAWI-enabled and their high-street locations make them perfect for off-the-street halls.

We provide the following quantitative research services:

  • Packaging, pricing and concept testing
  • Consumer product testing
  • High-preparation food testing
  • Central location tests
  • Home usage tests
  • On-street interviews
  • In-store interviews
  • Exit interviews
  • Recruitment

We work with PPUK regularly. The quality of recruit that they offer is outstanding. In addition, the flexibility that they provide, and their understanding of the ‘end goal’ for projects, make them the ideal partner to work with. We would strongly recommend their services.

Full Service Qualitative Research

Getting in depth with qualitative research

Exceptional qualitative research happens when four things come together: experienced qualitative researchers and managers, a dedicated fieldwork team, the finest participants and a high-specification, versatile facility. PeoplePeople UK have all four. And our wide network of interviewers gives us the flexibility to access almost all of the UK.
With our 20 years of expertise conducting face to face recruitment, it is a natural progression to move forward and offer a qualitative full service option to our clients and brand owners alike, without carrying the full service agency price tag!

Full Service Options – Led by Jo Little

  • Creation of testing methodology
  • Moderation
  • Top line report writing
  • Full report writing
  • Presentation of findings

PeoplePeople UK’s Qualitative Fieldwork Services:

  • Focus group recruitment
  • Mini groups
  • Recruitment for depth interviews
  • Accompanied shops
  • Provision of qualitative facility
  • Moderation
  • Translation

Qualitative packages
Our simplified and transparent way of structuring our qualitative full service offer allows clients to mix and match options to ensure the most is made of differing budget levels. PeoplePeople UK offer a full service qualitative offering without the full service price tag, and with the skills, knowledge and experience of our team your research is in extremely good hands.

Usability Testing

For too many years the option of testing Websites, Mobile Apps and everything else digital has been the luxury of the larger organisations due to the historic lack of knowledge, expertise and the costs previously associated with this type of testing.

All has now changed! PeoplePeople UK have joined forces with a highly regarded research partner to offer a range of usability testing options.

Our research partners have a wealth of experience and knowledge of conducting ‘usability testing’ for a plethora of clients from global organisations to smaller start-up businesses, helping them to realise and release their potential in communication, sales and ultimately profit through their Website and Mobile App usability testing.

We have a tried and tested approach to delivering lab-based user testing, taking time to fully understand both your needs and the needs of the end user to ensure full insight is gained.

Contact the team at PeoplePeople UK to discuss further

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Bespoke data, just as you like it

Bespoke data, just as you like it

If you need it, we deliver it. Whether CAPI or CAWI interviewing, specialist software packages or traditional pen and paper surveys, we collate your data and deliver it in your chosen format: Excel, SPSS, ASCII or full crosstabs to name but a few.

PeoplePeople UK have a plentiful supply of laptops available for use at CAWI-enabled facilities across the country including our own ‘The People Place’ facilities in London, Birmingham and Leamington Spa. We also have a stock of tablets suitable for in-store/exit interviews.

With an experienced team able to provide programming, data entry, coding and data processing services, whatever your requirements – we’ve got them covered.

Food & beverage testing at its very best

Food and beverage testing at its very best

PeoplePeople UK’s knowledge of ‘all things food and beverage’ has grown and grown over the last 25 years and we now regularly test for some of the largest brand owners, grocery retailers, and food & beverage producers. Our expertise coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement in this sector means that we can confidently project manage, plan and deliver high-preparation food testing, either as a focus group or central location test.

We know that in this sector, perhaps more than any other, high-quality research happens when you have highly efficient processes. Whether you’re carrying out programmed competitor benchmarking, new product development or trialling a recipe change, our fixed-price, modular testing options give you a high degree of flexibility. Our cost-effective modular approach lets you flex the number of participants and number of products per test to suit your needs, for ad hoc or scheduled testing, as shown in the table below:

Option Length of test Number of consumers Max number of products per test
Module 1 Half-day (4 hours) 50 8
Module 2 Half-day (4 hours) 100 4
Module 3 Full-day (8 hours) 50 8
Module 4 Full-day (8 hours) 100 4

Read about ‘Sample size and statistical significance’

What’s included?

The following items and services are included within our modular testing costs:

  • Provision of consumer panel – all consumers used within this style of modular testing will be recruited from our consumer panel located in and around Leamington Spa
  • Hosting and kitchen team – The People Place Kitchen and Front of House teams are all trained and qualified to a minimum of Food Hygiene Level 2
  • Creation of online survey
  • Laptops – for completion of online survey
  • Supply of completed survey data – PeoplePeople UK will supply data in Excel format with graphs allowing ‘at a glance’ top-line data

What’s not included?

PeoplePeople UK can arrange the following items and services for you, which will be quoted in addition to the module cost:

  • Incentive payments
  • Equipment hire for any items over and above what is already available within The People Place test kitchen
  • Courier or postage costs for return of any unused items or products
  • Report writing

The People Place Research Facilities

The People Place Research Facilities

As part of PeoplePeople UK’s continued growth and commitment to meeting our clients’ greater need for flexibility and speed of turnaround of research projects, we have created three unique qualitative and quantitative research suites. You can view our Leamington Spa research facility here, and our Birmingham facility here.

The primary focus of The People Place research facilities is to ensure that PeoplePeople UK add value to our clients’ projects. Our research facilities occupy prime central locations, which allow our clients to benefit from large daily flow through rates and greater exposure to a broad base of SEG / demographic. This, in turn, can potentially reduce fieldwork timings, increase flexibility and reduce overall project costs.

All three facilities are CAWI-enabled for up to 20 participants at any one time; coupled with fully equipped catering kitchens they are truly versatile for any type of project work.

The staff are very friendly. The facility has been kept to a high standard. Happy with the service I received on the past few projects.

This is simply the best facility with the best people I have used in 20 years of booking and running research.

Call us today on +44 (0)1926 886441 or email

Clients are assured that every project is undertaken with diligence and attention to detail.
We use our years of experience to put together the right team who have the right skills to ensure an outcome of rich valuable data and insightful results.

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